Monday, March 6

Too many 'days'.. Are we losing the purpose of it all?

What on earth is World Ice-cream day? Well, for that matter, what on earth is world 'anything-on-earth' day? The marketing-sales gimmick invented by the astute salesmen of older/modern days; a trap into which all industries and the whole of Mankind and even religion has fallen into.
The topic of this post is the relevance and penetration of this concept in the Religious space and churches. Churches are so glued to this concept that they have even forgotten the reason for their existence; provide fellowship and bring together a community of worshipers who love to serve God. It is not meant to be a social club where you commemorate and celebrate ideas and ideals like the rest of the world. A day to celebrate for children, another for the elder folks, another for the ladies with an 'L', and what not. You enter your church premises and every single Sunday is some day or the other. I am not raising my voice against all the right intentions of having these days; but just posing a question as to when we should draw the line. Seems like we do not have a line now; and I can think of a 100 other days which can be added to the list  (and I am sure time will add them; teens days; couples day; singles day; just to name a few). I personally know of churches which has all 53 weeks in a year designated as 'some' day. Trust me, this is not a phenomenon in the mainstream churches or any specific set of churches - its everywhere; charismatic, mainstream, protestant, new-generation, house fellowships. Name the genre, its there everywhere. Yes, it is indeed joyous and required of us to thank God for His blessings for all the blessings; but you do not need a day to do that. It should be part of your daily life or weekly Sunday service (whatever is applicable).

My humble suggestion, merge them all into one and celebrate all through the day or even through the week. Keep the remaining 52 weeks for what Churches are intended to do; and it is definitely not merry making.