Substratum and the Tech

White paper reference:

The concept is of creating a decentralized web which consists of 'nodes' which would host content. The users who lease their computers for the same would earn in Substratum coins. This would be built as a platform which can be used across Mac, Win, Android or any other realm; and with developer tools making it easy for even a noob to kick off activity on Day 1.

Web Hosting (money, space, speed, latency, uptime) -> replaced with substratum nodes

Pay with one atom/one substrate for one micro transaction. Hence you pay per use
Substratum uses advanced compression techniques, geo-locating techniques etc and hence content would be delivered faster; and transfers and always P2P
Substratum would have AI enabled DNS where for a particular request name, say, '', the IP address and the geolocation and the closest available substratumNode to serve the request

Tron and its BlockChain implementation

Based on Block chain based P2P for media sharing
1. When a new user registers, it uses the BlockChain concept to get the user registered to the Block usign consensus.  The new user would broadcast his info into the P2P network, and the other nodes would accept it based on the Proof of Work concept and reach a consensus with N number of nodes. This would register a new user, safely into the network, and avoid false registrations 2. A P2P overlay network is used to store data. Each user has a IDNode based on (IP address, Port number).  A payload is transmitted as packet = (ID src, ID dest, SIG payload, ID j) To verify transmission, the destination host can check if - the ID destination in the request is equal to its IP, ID of the neighbor

SmartMesh and its Blockchain implmentation

1. Pay for P2P network sharing with SMT coins 2. This would create something like 'reliable torrent seeds' 3. Make mesh available in all areas 4. Improve the TPS of Blockchain payment to compete with VISA's 42000 5. Extremely promising since its an alternative to the whole concept of an internet
Technology 1. Based on Raiden to create an IoT based near field communication mesh 2. Raiden saves times by skipping blockchain consensus mechanism to get the whole blockchain in sync before performing any operation. Instead relies on a set of reliable networks for the authentication 3. Mesh technology uses Bluetooth, wifi antennas etc allows you to be in touch without a mobile network
SmartMesh embeds the Ethereum light node, which is based on the Light Ethereum Sub-protocol (LES), and is connected to the Ethereum via Geth. 
LES is a protocol designed for a light client such as SmartMesh White Paper ©2017-SmartMesh 10 a smart phone. It downloads only the block header instead of the e…

Glued to Grade 8

At last, i am nearing the end of my daring piano studies, and now i've entered the 8th grade.
it looks it quite wonderful and i'm gonna love it. hope god's grace will remain was till now.